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Tokai Chemical(TianJin) Ltd.

No. 1 Factory Address: No. 6, Juying Road, Jinnan Economic Development Zone, Tianjin
No. 2 Factory Address: No. 21, Baoyuan Road, Jinnan Economic Development Zone, Tianjin

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Action charter
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01. Satisfy the customers’ needs, gain the customers’ trust, and contribute to society through corporate activities.

02.Fair competition, legal transactions, compliance with laws and regulations.

03. Actively and impartially disclose corporate information.

04. Respect the diversity and personality of employees and ensure the safe environment that is conducive to work.

05. Take active and positive actions on environmental issues.

06. As an "excellent corporate citizen", we actively contribute to society.

07. Resolutely fight against anti-social forces.

08. Comply with international rules and contribute to the local community.

09. Predict danger, nip in the bud, and minimize damage.

10. The company's leadership took the lead in complying with rules and regulations and implementing corporate theory.