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Personal information protection policy

Personal information protection policy

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1. basic ideas on protecting personal information
In view of the importance of personal information protection in a highly information-based society, Donghai Huacheng (Tianjin) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") strives to protect personal information in terms of collection, storage, use, transmission, provision and deletion of personal information according to the following objectives as a part of law-abiding activities.
[personal information processor]
< Donghai Huacheng (Tianjin) Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. >
(1) In order to ensure the proper handling of personal information, the company has formulated the basic policy of complying with the personal information protection law of the people's Republic of China and relevant laws.
(2) The company will collect personal information in accordance with the principles of legality, impartiality, necessity, honesty and trustworthiness. In addition, when used, the purpose shall be specified and shall not be used beyond the specified purpose.
(3) The company has formulated regulations on the handling of personal information, the person in charge and their responsibilities. For personal information, it is managed on the basis of considering the purpose of use, the method of use, the type of personal information, the impact on personal rights and interests, and possible security risks. At the same time, it regularly checks the appropriateness and adequacy of management, and continues to take measures to achieve more substantial management.
(4) As for the personal information held by me, we will sincerely respond to my requests for review, copying, correction, deletion and discontinuation of use. However, this restriction shall not apply if the law provides otherwise or violates the law.
(5) To ensure that personal information will not be disclosed, lost, tampered with, damaged, used for purposes other than use or otherwise improperly handled, we will take the following security control measures to ensure the accuracy and proper handling of personal information.
① Systematic safety management measures
We have set up a person in charge of handling personal information, defined the employees handling personal information and the scope of personal information handled by employees, and established a reporting and liaison system so that we can report to the person in charge when we know the facts or signs of violating laws and handling procedures.
Regarding the processing of personal information, regular self inspection and supervision by other departments shall be carried out.
② Personal safety management measures
We regularly provide training for employees on personal information protection and information security precautions, and specify matters related to employee confidentiality in employment rules, etc. and make them known within the company.
③ Physical security management measures
In the area where personal information is processed, we restrict the access management and equipment carried by employees, and take measures to prevent unauthorized people from browsing personal information.
We take measures to prevent theft and loss of equipment and electronic media for processing personal information, and take measures to prevent personal information from being easily identified when carrying such equipment and electronic media.
④ Technical safety management measures
We implement access control to limit the scope of the person in charge and the personal information database processed, and introduce mechanisms to protect the information system processing personal information from unauthorized external access or unauthorized software attacks.
(6) When the processing of personal information is entrusted to the outside, the trustee shall also be properly supervised in order to safely manage personal information.
(7) If we find that the personal information has not been properly handled or there is a possibility, we will immediately notify ourselves, investigate the reasons and take measures to prevent recurrence.
2. consultation window
The personal information management consultation window set by the company is as follows.
< address: No. 21, Baoyuan Road, Jinnan Economic Development Zone, Tianjin >
< Donghai Huacheng (Tianjin) Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. > < name of contact Department: personnel and general affairs department >
Tel:< Tel: 022-58790768-8011> (acceptance time: <8:15-16:30>)
Processing of personal information
In order to carry out the company's business activities such as automobile related business, electronics business, industrial materials business, living environment and health care business, the company will use the personal information (hereinafter defined) collected from customers and transaction counterparties within the following purposes.
personal information
Personal information refers to all information about an identified or identifiable natural person (individual) recorded electronically or otherwise, and the individual can be identified by the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or other descriptions that constitute these information. In addition, even if it is not possible to identify a certain person by a certain information alone, the information that can easily identify a certain person by using other information is also included in the personal information.
(1) Personal information about customers
・ provision and proposal of product information, activity information and other information related to the company's products, products and services of the company's affiliated companies, and proposal and sending of other information provision, catalog and other materials
・ support for sales, provision and maintenance of our products and products and services of our affiliates
・ planning, research, development and quality improvement of the company's products and services
・ operation and sales of products and services
・ develop the company's products, services and other new businesses by analyzing the browsing history obtained
・ provide information about seminars, exhibitions and events
・ correspondence of inquiry and consultation
・ questionnaire survey, analysis and business utilization of analysis results
・ implementation of other businesses related to the above
(2) Information about the executives and employees of the counterparty company and other companies
・ necessary contacts and negotiations in business
・ information management, expenditure and income management of counterparty
・ contract management
・ implementation of other businesses related to the above
(3) Recruitment applicant's personal information
・ send recruitment information and contact about selection results to recruitment applicants
・ recruitment business management
・ implementation of other businesses related to the above
(4) Employee's personal information
・ business contact and various procedures
・ liaison with labor union and Sumitomo Technology Group
・ investigation and record based on laws, as well as declaration and report to government agencies
・ implement human resources and labor management
(5) Other
・ other purposes separately notified or published
In order to achieve the purpose of the preceding paragraph, the company will use personal information such as address, name, date of birth, company name, Department, position, telephone number, e-mail address, transaction related information, consultation content, etc. with Sumitomo Technology Group Co., Ltd. to the extent necessary.
Personnel responsible for personal information management
< Donghai Huacheng (Tianjin) Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. >
For the personal information collected from customers through some of the company's products or services, the company will anonymize it for R & D, quality improvement and improvement (example: anonymize the personal information and other data collected through the demonstration experiment using the company's products for R & D, quality improvement and improvement of other products in the company's group).
The company will keep the personal information only for the period necessary to achieve the above-mentioned use purpose (except for the extension of the custody period or the permission of the law).
The company will not provide the collected personal information to a third party except under one of the following circumstances.
(1) It is necessary to protect the life, body or property of others, and it is impossible to obtain the consent in time
(2) It is necessary to deal with public health events, and the consent of the person cannot be obtained in time
(3) In order to cooperate with the state, local public institutions or their clients in carrying out the affairs prescribed by law, and obtaining their own consent may hinder the implementation of such affairs
(4) With my prior consent
(5) To the extent necessary for the purpose of use, to the group company of Sumitomo technology and the business trustee of the company
(6) Undertaking arising from merger, division or transfer of business continues to provide personal information
(7) Other legal based situations
With regard to the personal information of the public objects held by the company, as well as the notice of use purpose, disclosure, correction of content, addition or deletion, discontinuation of use, deletion and discontinuation of provision to third parties, please make a request to the following window, but in principle, it is only limited to yourself. In addition, if the correction of personal information requires high costs and is difficult to implement, sometimes the personal information will not be corrected if necessary alternative measures are taken to protect my rights and interests.
In the case of being required to disclose, correct, delete or stop using, the company will confirm whether it is the person by identifying the personal information (name, address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address, etc.). However, the company shall not be responsible if the information that can identify the individual is not obtained by the person.
The company will deal with personal information collected from persons living abroad and protected by national laws on personal information protection in accordance with national laws.
If you have any complaints or suggestions about the company's handling of personal information, please contact the following window.
< address: No. 21, Baoyuan Road, Jinnan Economic Development Zone, Tianjin >
< Donghai Huacheng (Tianjin) Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. > < name of contact Department: personnel and general affairs department >
Tel:< Tel: 022-58790768-8011> (acceptance time: <8:15-16:30>)
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