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Report acceptance process
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Public Notice

【Report Acceptance Process】 Officially implemented on October 1, 2015


1. Acceptance contents:
Violations of discipline, violations, or suspected behaviors of companies and employees related to the business that have a significant impact on the Group's operations (which may or has caused significant economic losses or serious damage to the company's reputation, etc.).

2. Acceptance conditions:
* Name of complainant
* Complainant's company and department
* Make sure you have an email address that accepts replies
* The complaint should be as detailed as possible and supported by relevant facts

Note: In order to ensure that the content of the complaint can be followed up, anonymous, unsubstantiated speculation, slander will not be accepted.

To protect the privacy of the complainant and against retaliation arising from the complaint,
After the company has confirmed the facts of the internal complaint, it will do its best to protect the complainants and other relevant personnel

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